How can you make your vacation policy work best for your company?

For starters, take inventory. Many vacation policies have been built in pieces over the years. Companies should study the policies they already have in place and make sure they still meet the needs of their employees. In some cases, the way in which various time-off program segments are combined can make a significant impact on [...]

A Template For Fundraising

BY JIM ESKIN   Fundraising is incredibly competitive. There are more one million non-profit organizations in the U.S. registered with the IRS. There are more than 5,000 non-profits in the San Antonio area alone.   That means donors are being bombarded with requests, many more than they can possibly fund. And, they’re not forced to [...]

The Healing Power of Art Assists Medical and Nursing Students

The McNay Art Museum in San Antonio has had an influx of student doctors and nurses in its halls lately, but medicine is the furthest subject from their mind. They stand in groups of ten staring intently at pieces of art and discussing what they observe. Watch them and you might see them gesticulating at [...]