Local Companies To Receive Financial Backing Under New Export Assistance Program

San Antonio (July 2, 2015) — Local companies have been expressing keen interest in Free Trade Alliance San Antonio’s new export assistance program. The program, launched at the end of May, includes assistance in developing an export plan as well as training in important aspects of international trade. The program also features financial backing, in the form of a scholarship, created in collaboration with the Texas Camino Real District Export Council (DEC). To be eligible for the scholarship, companies must be located in Central/South Texas and have completed an export training program. The company must manufacture a product or provide a service of 51% of U.S. origin and have less than 500 employees. Preference will be given to companies in business for a minimum of two years. The scholarship will be used towards purchase of a Gold Key Service available from the U.S. Commercial Service. Final selection of companies that will participate in the program will be made by the end of September.

Shawn Levsen, Chair of the DEC said, “The Camino Real District Export Council is excited about the expansion of our scholarship program. We are now offering the scholarship to local companies so they can learn about foreign opportunities, find new buyers, and grow export sales from south and central Texas.”

The program and scholarship development, prepared thanks to SEAT (San Antonio Export Assistance Team) and led by Free Trade Alliance San Antonio, encourages and provides technical assistance to current exporters and to those exploring the idea of export. Together with its partners, the Department of Commerce and the International Trade Center, the Alliance meets with each interested company to develop a pathway to becoming export-ready. SEAT provides every resource from market research to logistics, to ensure an efficient and productive export experience. The SEAT is a program of the City of San Antonio and provides assistance to companies seeking to begin or increase export of its product or service.

José E. Martinez, President and CEO of Free Trade Alliance San Antonio said, “Working with local companies to create a roadmap for exports is a critical part of the Alliance’s mission, particularly as we are the focal point for the export side of the city’s Trade and Investment Strategy.”

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